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More Indian women are choosing gaming as a serious career option

It’s a nice time to be a gamer in India, right here and now. Not simply to play video games however to earn a residing by them, too. It’s a reality underscored by HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022, a examine that surveyed over 2000 individuals throughout 14 Indian cities.

It highlighted this new sense of optimism amongst players that really feel gaming affords good earnings prospects together with a number of career selections.

According to the examine, round two-thirds of serious players expressed their need to discover gaming as a full-time or part-time career. Another key cause driving players in direction of gaming is the opportunity of their interest turning into a career. Gaming can also be thought of a supply of leisure, rest (92%), bettering psychological agility (58%) and socializing (52%).

Here are some broad insights into the HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022:

1) Women players are on the rise in India. Women players are eyeing a career in gaming, turning their interest into a occupation (50%) and offering good earnings prospects (45%) – which is a nice development to trace.

2) According to the examine, solely 2% of respondents have acquired formal coaching in gaming. 

While most players depend on private ability enhancement to improve their gaming efficiency, 32% comply with a gaming star to boost their abilities.

3) As many as 55% of the surveyed players are serious players that spend time competing on-line in group matches or tournaments glory.

4) According to the respondents, 68% of players choose to play on a PC as a result of it affords a higher high-end gaming expertise, whereas 39% of cell players are open to upgrading to a full-fledged gaming PC within the close to future.

At the launch of the gaming report, Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, of Personal Systems, HP India market stated, “As the gaming industry in India evolves, it is promising to see gaming being considered as a career option. The PC gaming landscape in India offers a tremendous opportunity for the youth and we, at HP, are committed to supporting gamers in their journey by providing knowledge, tools, and opportunities to upskill and help them become better at their game through OMEN community initiatives.”

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