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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in to Supreme Court

“I am glad for America,” Breyer, a 1994 appointee of President Bill Clinton, wrote in a press release congratulating Jackson. “Ketanji will interpret the law wisely and fairly, helping that law to work better for the American people.”

The latest affiliate justice assumes her position in the wake of a string of high-profile, controversial selections issued by the court docket, together with one ruling that dismantled federal abortion rights and one other that struck down a New York law that limited carrying firearms outside the home.

Jackson’s placement on the court docket can have no impression on its ideological tilt. Justices appointed by Republican president nonetheless outnumber their Democrat-appointed colleagues by a 6-3 margin.

Her ceremony Thursday was small and temporary, attended by a small group that included her husband and daughters. A bigger formal ceremony, or investiture, is predicted at a later date.

Jackson’s oaths enable her to start her judicial duties, Roberts stated in the course of the ceremony. “She’s been anxious to get to them without any further delay,” the chief justice stated.

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