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How are abortion laws affecting your access to health care? We want to hear from you.

But there have additionally been studies of pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for medicines fully unrelated to abortion and contraception that they speculate may very well be used off-label to terminate a being pregnant. For instance, the most cancers drug methotrexate can also be utilized by 90 % of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers sooner or later, in accordance to the Arthritis Foundation, nevertheless it may also be prescribed to induce abortions. And Accutane, the favored zits drug, may cause extreme start defects and miscarriage.

With the legality of abortion altering in some states by the week as court docket battles play out, medical suppliers are grappling with the fact that they may face felony fees if one thing like zits treatment finally ends up terminating a being pregnant — creating delays in therapy for sufferers who aren’t searching for abortions.

2) Have you been denied emergency therapy for a miscarriage or pregnancy-related complication?

The Biden administration has additionally warned hospitals that failing to deal with a affected person in a medical emergency, resembling a miscarriage or a life-threatening complication necessitating an abortion, violates federal legislation — even in states which have banned the process.

Have you been denied medical care as a result of a medical supplier suspected you have been pregnant or may turn into pregnant? Are you a medical skilled who has witnessed a affected person being denied care due to somebody’s private beliefs about abortion or considerations about operating afoul of state abortion bans?

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