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Deese says Biden’s Saudi trip not out of desperation

Deese was responding to solutions by Bream that Biden would possibly look determined touring to Saudi Arabia — a nation he has beforehand condemned for its human rights report, together with the homicide of journalist Jamal Khashoggi — at a time of rising power costs. Critics on each the left and proper have mentioned it’s mistaken for Biden to appear to provide the Saudi royal household his stamp of approval by visiting there.

“We have significant interests, national security interests, in the region, as well as economic interests as well. He will vigorously represent American interests, while also vigorously representing American values,” Deese mentioned of Biden’s July 13-16 trip, which will even embody a trip to Israel and the adjoining West Bank.

Deese additionally spoke at size of numerous steps the administration is taking in reference to oil corporations to assist decrease power costs — whereas nonetheless making an attempt to make it attainable to deal with long-term clear power and local weather objectives.

“The reality is,” Deese mentioned, “we are a net exporter of oil, but more important than that for the immediate term is what we can do to increase supply. As you said, supply came down precipitously during Covid; we want to see that come back and come back online. In the near term, the companies have a very powerful market incentive. Prices are high, and their profit and profit margins are high, and what we are encouraging is that they take those and put those profits to work to increase production.”

He added of the administration: “If there are practical things we can do, we’re willing to listen and willing to be open.”

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