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Blinken: Putin has not accomplished his invasion goals

Russia’s preliminary try at a lightning blitzkrieg to grab Kyiv and different areas of Ukraine failed, although in latest weeks, its forces have seized cities in Ukraine’s east, together with Mariupol and Sievierodonetsk. The adjoining metropolis of Lysychansk is now underneath intense assault.

Blinken acknowledged that actuality: “There’s a tactical, ferocious battle going on in Eastern Ukraine with the Russian aggression, with Ukrainian forces pushing back. And that line has shifted. There are gains one way, gains another way. But what’s really important is the strategic proposition that Putin will not succeed in what he’s tried to achieve.”

He stated that Putin has additionally failed in his quest to make use of the invasion to sow divisions in NATO.

Tapper requested Blinken about Russian strikes in a single day on Kyiv.

“We have seen sporadically,” Blinken stated, “ever since Putin lost the battle for Kyiv and had to shift his focus just to Eastern and Southern Ukraine, that they have occasionally launched missiles at a distance, basically to terrorize people.”

“They struck an apartment building. There are reports that they struck a kindergarten. That has no purpose, other than to try to terrorize Ukrainians,” he stated.

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