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‘Women must make heart health a priority’

Contrary to standard perception, ladies are as weak to heart illnesses as males. In India, cardiovascular ailments are discovered to be among the many main causes of mortality amongst ladies, particularly in city areas and estimates present that 16.9. per cent of all deaths in ladies resulted from cardiovascular ailments.

Studies at Harvard Medical School have proven that “a lady’s signs are sometimes totally different from a man’s. Before menopause, a lady’s personal estrogen helps defend her from heart illness by growing HDL (good) ldl cholesterol and reducing LDL (dangerous) ldl cholesterol. After menopause, ladies have larger concentrations of whole ldl cholesterol than males do. But this alone doesn’t clarify the sudden rise in heart illness threat after menopause. Elevated triglycerides are an essential contributor to cardiovascular threat in ladies. Low HDL and excessive triglycerides seem like the one components that enhance the danger of demise from heart illness in ladies over age 65.

“Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease in women more than it does in men, perhaps because women with diabetes more often have added risk factors, such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Although women usually develop heart disease about 10 years later than men, diabetes erases that advantage. In women who’ve already had a heart attack, diabetes doubles the risk for a second heart attack and increases the risk for heart failure.”

Harvard Medical School analysis means that, for girls, metabolic syndrome, characterised by giant waist dimension, elevated blood stress, glucose intolerance, low HDL ldl cholesterol, and excessive triglycerides is an important threat issue for having heart assaults at an unusually early age. In a examine of sufferers present process bypass surgical procedure, metabolic syndrome produced a larger threat for girls than it did for males.

“Many women do not experience typical chest pain which makes early diagnosis and treatment difficult. Often due to responsibilities at home and at work, women tend to ignore their own well-being and dismiss mild symptoms as a routine niggle. But women must be aware that they too are vulnerable to heart diseases and should ensure regular check-ups as well as pay attention to any worrisome symptoms that need medical intervention. Peri-menopausal women, especially, are at higher risk,” says Dr Sanjeev Gera, Director & HOD, Cardiology, Fortis, Noida

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One must not ignore heart assault signs — aching, heaviness or burning sensation within the chest, ache in a single or each arms or left shoulder, throat or jaw, shortness of breath or chilly sweat, excessive fatigue and so forth.

Often ladies don’t endure common preventive heart check-ups to find out if there are any indicators of heart illness. Many a time, sufferers attain hospitals with closely blocked arteries that enhance their dangers like formation of blood clots, which may result in 100 per cent blockage of coronary arteries, resulting in a heart assault. Dr Gera suggests the next preventive regime:

1) The first step is consciousness concerning the threat components that trigger blockages like hypertension, diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol, weight problems, smoking, sedentary way of life and stress which worsen outcomes.

2) One must keep away from smoking or use of tobacco in any type and even passive smoking.
In as we speak’s time, most working ladies spend infinite hours on the chair and don’t commit time for bodily actions.

3) Take up any sort of out of doors sport, jogging, strolling, biking, swimming or indoor actions resembling gymnasium, dancing, yoga or any such comparable exercise. It’s crucial to interact in bodily actions for 30 – 45 minutes day by day and up the time for those who’re obese.

4) Another key side is to observe to your food regimen. Excessive consumption of junk meals, packaged meals, aerated drinks meals must be averted. Check your calorie consumption and search for heart-healthy diets which must embody sufficient complicated carbohydrates, legumes, fruit and veggies with much less of sugars, salt and fat.

5) Obesity or weight acquire needs to be monitored. Physical actions and managed food regimen would assist preserve a wholesome weight. In India, ladies have many duties and so they usually neglect their health issues. Many ladies expertise modest to excessive stage stress and owing to many causes should not capable of get good high quality sleep. This is detrimental to good heart health and measures needs to be taken to scale back stress and nervousness and so they must not be sleep-deprived.

6) All ladies must go for normal health screening, which embody residence BP and sugar monitoring and an annual cardiac examine that must embody a lipid profile, HBA1C and an train cum ECG take a look at to seek out out silent heart illness. In case any signs or dangers are recognized, then they must get detailed investigations carried out as per recommendation of cardiologists.

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