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Well child visits provide full picture of children’s health | News

FORT WAYNE — Parents absolutely know the significance of sports activities physicals as their kids put together to participate at school sports activities, however what about properly child visits?

Parkview just lately launched a message to the general public, urging mother and father to contemplate scheduling properly child visits.

“In pediatrics and family medicine, we look at the whole child,” says Duane Hougendobler, MD, Parkview Physicians Group — Pediatrics. “During that annual wellness exam, we’re looking at their mental health status, any old issues or injuries, heart problems, lung problems, asthma, diabetes, those kinds of things.”

Parkview provides that whereas sports activities physicals are a requirement for scholar athletes, they solely provide a short look of a child’s health within the second. A properly child go to goes extra in-depth.

Hougendobler has been labored in pediatrics for 40 years. A specific focus for him is ensuring kids are up-to-date on their immunizations.

A information launch from Parkview shares that medical specialists a lower in child vaccination charges might “open the door for some highly contagious diseases like measles to become more common again in this country.”

“Vaccinations help strengthen a child’s defenses against serious disease, and there are specific reasons why we vaccinate against so many diseases now,” Hougendobler continues. “Measles, hepatitis A and B, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio, HPV, rotavirus and others are NOT nice diseases. They can have consequences far worse than keeping your child out of school for a couple of weeks. These diseases can impact the rest of their lives.”

A properly child go to may help with this difficulty, but additionally can provide physicians the prospect to see the full health state of the child, whereas keeping track of potential health issues which will develop or worsen sooner or later.

“One of the big ones is scoliosis (curvature of the spine),” he says. “We’ve had that unfortunate circumstance where kids went to sports physicals before without getting annual wellness exams, and then they finally show up in our office and they have terrible scoliosis that wasn’t picked up on during the sports physicals. There are other things – like heart murmurs – that can be present even though the child seems to be OK. We look for signs of those conditions when they come for an annual visit.”

Screening exams carried out within the workplace may help alert the doctor to different points which will want intervention.

“There are different screenings we’re doing much more aggressively than we did in the past,” says Hougendobler. “The recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is that all kids 11 and above have mental health screenings for anxiety and depression, which we have seen on the rise during the pandemic. And kids around age 9 should have lipid tests – which can flag potential problems with diabetes, heart function and other issues – plus other tests as time goes on.”

Health specialists are encouraging mother and father to schedule their visits with their docs earlier than the beginning of the varsity 12 months.

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