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Vigo County Health Department food inspections for October 24 – October 29 | News

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Here’s a take a look at the Vigo County Health Department’s food inspections for (*29*) 24 –  (*29*) 29.

Great Giorno Italian Cuisine, 1284 Lafayette Ave. (4 (*24*), 7 Non-(*24*)) Observed presence of insect and rodent droppings. Observed collected food particles on knives saved in knife rack and desk-mounted can opener. Found garlic in oil combination on prep desk at 66F – Must be 41F or much less. Found scouring pads in hand wash sink and sink getting used to fill containers with water for steam desk. 

OyVey Jewish Bakery & Deli, 901 Lafayette Ave. (1 (*24*), 2 Non-(*24*)) Found rotten cauliflower in attain in cooler. 

Umi Grill, 2002 S. 3rd St. (1 (*24*), 0 Non-(*24*)) Observed constructed up particles on ice machine.

Maurizio’s Pizza of TH Inc., 2940 Wabash Ave. (0 (*24*), 1 Non-(*24*))

Stephen’s Inn, 2330 S. 13th St. (0 (*24*), 1 Non-(*24*))



Temporary Approved to Operate Permits 

Lowe’s Fall Pro Event (*29*) 28



Truck Stop Grand Opening (*29*) 29

Rude Radish, LLC, Greensburg, IN  

Serena’s Food Hut


Establishments with No Violations

American Legion Pioneer Post #340, 2150 Tippecanoe St.

Club Koyote, 121 E. Paris Rd.

Magdy’s, 2026 S. 3rd St.

United Ministries in Higher Ed. Student Food Pantry, 321 N. 7th St.

Warren Village, 1300 N. 25th St.



Approved to Open Establishments

 Geulah Ministries, Inc., 1820 Ohio St. (makes use of reTHINK kitchen)

reTHINK, Inc., 1544 S. 13th St.

Sibel’s Turkish Kitchen, 2501 S. 3rd St. Unit F

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