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The health of honey bee colonies in North Dakota

It is estimated that the honey bee’s annual contribution to the United States economic system is at least $15 billion. Beyond the worthwhile merchandise and byproducts harvested straight from honey bee colonies comparable to honey, wax, propolis, and royal jelly, greater than 90 completely different crops—about one-third of whole crop manufacturing in the U.S.—are dependent upon these prolific pollinators for his or her survival and prosperity.

A world without bees could be bleak; there could be much less meals for human consumption, much less selection among the many fruits, greens, and nuts that stay, and the impacts of their absence would ripple all through the meals internet. While the dystopian future is distant, honey bees are nonetheless below menace. Loss of habitat, illnesses like Colony Collapse Disorder, herbicides, pesticides, and parasites just like the aptly named varroa destructor mite are all contributing, typically in live performance, to excessive charges of colony decline throughout the nation.

Between 2020 and 2021, beekeepers lost about 45% of their managed honey bee colonies. The anticipated or acceptable fee of colony turnover resulting from pure environmental components comparable to winter climate is 20%.

Stacker compiled statistics on honey bee populations in North Dakota utilizing the latest annual information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. So far in 2022, colonies are down by 22% in line with the latest information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Beekeepers, researchers, and scientists take nice care to mitigate managed colony loss by transferring honey bees seasonally, feeding them sugar water when flowers aren’t in bloom to stop die-off, renovating or requeening colonies when a queen bee dies, and increasing present colonies to maintain them wholesome and productive. Still, there’s little enchancment year-over-year, in line with colony information.

The dystopian world with out bees just isn’t imminent, however the battle for his or her safety and prosperity is an uphill one.

Honey bee inhabitants health in North Dakota
– Maximum whole colonies, April-June 2022: 455,000
— 8.1% lower since 2021, #13 greatest lower nationally
– Lost colonies, April-June 2022: 16,500
— 175.0% enhance since 2021
– Added colonies, April-June 2022: 12,000
— 4.3% enhance since 2021
– Renovated colonies, April-June 2022: 9,000
— 150.0% enhance since 2021

States with the most important enhance in honey bee colonies from 2021 to 2022

#1. Missouri: 118.8% enhance
#2. Arkansas: 76.0% enhance
#3. Louisiana: 48.3% enhance
#4. Mississippi: 34.3% enhance
#5. North Carolina: 30.4% enhance

States with the most important lower in honey bee colonies from 2021 to 2022

#1. Kansas: 38.8% lower
#2. Illinois: 26.9% lower
#3. Wyoming: 23.3% lower
#4. Indiana: 23.1% lower
#5. Colorado: 22.0% lower

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