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New Procedure Helps Breast Cancer Patients Recover Faster Than Ever Before

As a part of Tamika Gianni’s breast most cancers remedy, she obtained radiation after breast implant reconstruction, which led to extreme ache. After undergoing an innovative procedure, she is now ache free and has a brand new lease on life.

In 2019, Gianni was coping with power hives that landed her within the emergency room. She was prescribed a concoction of medicines together with Benadryl and prednisone, however developed shingles as a result of great amount of prednisone.

Then I noticed something was odd with my right breast, my nipple was inverted, but I thought it had something to do with the shingles,” she stated. “When I went to the doctor they quickly wanted to do a biopsy. It was a good coincidence because I could have brushed it off.

After present process testing, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and two months later underwent a double mastectomy to cut back the possibility of creating most cancers within the left breast. A yr after that, she had breast implant reconstruction with radiation however later developed extreme discomfort.

“I had lymphedema in my right breast and the implant was pushed up near my collarbone,” she stated. “I had a hard time putting on my clothing and sleeping on that side.”

Her Hartford HealthCare oncologist, Patricia DeFusco, MD, inspired her to speak with E. Stirling Craig, MD, a plastic surgeon with the Cancer Institute at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport. Even although Dr. DeFusco is positioned in Hartford, the Hartford HealthCare system-wide breast program allowed Gianni to simply be referred to Dr. Craig to optimize her care.

“It’s very common to have discomfort after radiation and in particular if you had a previous implant reconstruction,” stated Dr. Craig.

Dr. Craig prompt Gianni bear a DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforators) flap process, the place fats, pores and skin and blood vessels are taken from the stomach and moved to the chest to rebuild the breast.

“Most women carry additional fatty tissue in the lower abdomen and upper thighs and it’s the perfect quality of fat to replace the fat that’s in the breast,” defined Dr. Craig. “As a result, we not only make the breast more aesthetically appealing we also make the abdomen flatter with a tummy tuck.”

Gianni spent two nights at St. Vincent’s Medical Center after the process and will instantly inform that the ache she had been experiencing was gone. A month later, she was vacationing in Florida along with her household.

“I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered,” Gianni stated.

“The pain I felt had held me back. I feel like a new person mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

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