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Cornerstone names LNA of the Year, awards Laars: Seacoast health news

Cornerstone VNA names Kathryn Howard as LNA of the Year

ROCHESTER — Cornerstone VNA, a neighborhood nonprofit house health and hospice care supplier, has named Kathryn Howard as their Licensed Nursing Assistant of the Year. Howard, who joined Cornerstone VNA in February 2021, is thought for her excessive commonplace of efficiency and high-quality care. She performs her job exceptionally, cares for sufferers with respect and dignity, and is an asset to Cornerstone VNA and her local people.

According to Stacey Genest, RN, MSN, Home Care Team Manager, “Kathryn has a unique skill set and utilizes it to create therapeutic connections, making her an exceptional LNA.” Genest continues, “Kathryn is always excited to learn new skills, she is proficient in assisting with installing and removing telehealth equipment in the patient’s home, providing simple wound care, and blood checks for patients on Coumadin, a blood-thinning medication. These additional skills bring value to her LNA role within the agency.”

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