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The Rings of Power: Who Is the Meteor Man?

The first two episodes of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” which had been launched by Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 1, have one fairly big thriller that would have main repercussions for the complete sequence. The first episode ends with an enormous meteor crusing over Middle-earth and touchdown not removed from the place the Harfoots have made their camp. Nori Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh) and her buddy Poppy Proudfellow (Megan Richards) journey to the web site the place the meteor crashed in curiosity, the place they’re met with an odd sight: at the middle of the damaged, flaming meteor is a really tall man, performed by Daniel Weyman.

As the ladies study in the second episode, he would not appear to talk the similar language as them, has a tough time understanding what is going on on, and is not fairly positive the place he is from. In some methods, he appears foolish and enjoyable, however at different occasions, he may be imposing and fairly terrifying. He additionally has magical powers, and it would not seem to be they’re solely getting used for good. The present implies that one thing he does leads Nori’s father, Largo (Dylan Smith), to interrupt his ankle badly. And close to the finish of the second episode, the thriller man makes use of fireflies to re-create the constellations from the place he is from. For a second, it is a magical, enchanting sight. But when he is finished, the fireflies all die.

Still, whereas Nori thinks serving to him is her mission, there are positively some hints he is not somebody to be utterly trusted.

Amazon hasn’t launched this character’s title but, referring to him solely as the Stranger. There’s just one place in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books and associated writings when one thing comparable occurs: a poem referred to as “The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon.” But it would not present that a lot information on this new character’s id. Who is the meteor man, and what impression will he have on the relaxation of the story? Ahead, let’s run down just a few theories.

The Meteor Man Is Sauron

The meteor man being Sauron is the idea that in all probability makes the most sense. Sauron is not only the essential antagonist of the Lord of the Rings books and flicks; he is additionally going to be the essential villain in “The Rings of Power.” In the first two episodes, his title comes up many occasions, as Galadriel is intent on discovering and killing Sauron. Amazon hasn’t but introduced an actor solid as Sauron. Sauron additionally has a historical past of shapeshifting, so theoretically, a number of actors might painting him in the sequence. Could Sauron need Nori and Poppy to convey him to Mordor?

There’s probably not any proof that goes in opposition to this idea after the first two episodes.

The Meteor Man Is a Wizard

Fans of the authentic motion pictures know the wizard Gandalf the Grey (later Gandalf the White) was important to the defeat of Sauron and the destruction of Frodo’s ring. And visually, there’s loads of similarity between Gandalf and the tiny Hobbits and the Stranger and the small Harfoot.

But if the Stranger is a wizard, that will be an infinite change to the lore of The Lord of the Rings. Wizards did not arrive in Middle-earth till the Third Age. “The Rings of Power” is set in the Second Age. The present positively appears to be taking part in quick and unfastened with lore, however that will be a huge change to introduce the wizards so early.

For now, viewers should wait and see simply what the reply to this thriller is.

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